I like approximately three things: Twitter, boy bands, and Zac Efron's seminal hit "Bet On It."

After college, I landed an internship at Urban Outfitters HQ in Philadelphia where I got to write everything from interviews with pop stars to posts that cry about how bad life on Mars would be. (And I'm sorry about the formatting in those posts. It was 2013! Times were different!)

I'm still at Urban Outfitters, but work full-time as a content editor and primarily write Beauty, Women's, and Home content. I spend my weeks interviewing creatives, setting up studio visits, testing out beauty products, working on DIY projects, and producing original photoshoots for our posts. (You can see some of my most recent work here.)

Feel free to get in touch, whether you have an employment opportunity or just want to talk about when you think One Direction's big comeback will be.

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